In an ideal world it would only be necessary to value properties for the purposes of buying and selling. If only life was so simple! The reality of course is that valuations are very much a requirement of both the commercial and residential sectors.

At Dooley Auctioneers, we provide expert property valuations for all purposes, including: 

  • Financial collateral
  • Rental returns analysis
  • Insurance cover
  • Business asset appraisals
  • Property tax
  • State nursing home care deals
  • Local authority rates
  • Arbitration
  • Commercial strategy

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Dooley Auctioneers provide expert valuations based on:

  • Our unrivalled knowledge of local markets.
  • Keen awareness of market trends.
  • A proven track record valuing a huge variety of residential and commercial properties over the course of two decade.
  • Objective, accurate and realistic assessment of property values.

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