Historic Cable Hut site for sale



A coastal site commanding spectacular sea views is drawing the attention of historians as well as land buyers, investors and other property hunters to the County Wicklow real estate market.

Comprising a derelict redbrick building on a three-quarter acre plot located just a short drive from Newcastle village, at first sight the most outstanding feature of the Cable Hut is those outstanding vistas, including one to Wicklow Head to the south.

However, a closer look reveals that this is a property with rich historical connections to the golden age of maritime engineering in the second half of the 19th Century.

It’s the ruined redbrick that provides the clue. It was from this historic Cable Hut site that the celebrated Wicklow-born mariner Captain Robert Halpin oversaw the laying of a submarine telegraph cable in the 1880s that connected Newcastle with Nefyn in Wales.

By then Halpin had established his reputation as one of the most outstanding engineers of the Victorian era, famed for his pioneering work laying the first trans-Atlantic submarine telegraph cable between Valentia Island, Co. Kerry and Newfoundland, Canada in 1866.

Says selling agent Gabriel Dooley of Dooley Auctioneers: “The fact that Halpin had already made his name by the time he laid the Newcastle-Nefyn cable might explain why it is less well known than his trans-Atlantic cable. Nonetheless, it was a tremendous feat that deserves to be remembered, particularly here in his native county.”

“While it has only been on the market for a short time, the Cable Hut has already attracted a lot of interest from both Ireland and abroad, and I have no doubt that the property’s historical connections have played a big part in that.”

Halpin’s trans-Atlantic cable is the focus of a dedicated exhibition at the Valentia Heritage Museum in Co. Kerry, while his pioneering work is also commemorated at the National Martime Museum of Ireland in Dun Laoghaire. In his native county, he is honoured at the Halpin Room in the Wicklow Gaol Heritage Centre.

“Halpin’s record clearly show he was an intrepid mariner, but you could also say that in many ways his trailblazing work with what was then a brand new communications technology puts him in the same league as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in our own time,” Gabriel Dooley adds.

According to Gabriel Dooley, thanks to its superb location, historical significance and close proximity to one of North Wicklow’s most sought-after residential areas, the Cable Hut is a unique property which, subject to planning approval, offers tremendous development potential.

“One possibility is a restoration of the Cable Hut itself, either as a standalone work or as part of a larger ‘grand design’ project. Full planning permission for use of the Cable Hut as a home, with an extension, was granted in 1978. The planning permission was subsequently allowed to lapse,” he says.

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